Wednesday, 30 January 2013

#2 Pong

Released: 1972 - Various Platforms               

Developer: Atari
Played: 30th January 2013 - Online Emulator

Pong is pretty self explanatory and I challenge you to find me someone who hasn't played at least one iteration of it across the years.  The first game by Atari, the first game to gain mainstream attention and pretty much considered as starting the whole video gaming industry, it's such an important title, yet so simplistic. Electronic table tennis is basically where it begins and ends but the joy of this early title must have been the fact that not only could you play against another human but also it had what must have been one of the first fairly advance AI's. Played in bars and for the first time, in homes across the globe, everything we play and love today is due in part to the success of Pong.

on a sidenote; "suck it advanced 1972 AI, clearly you are crap at table tennis, bow to your master!"

you can give it a go here: