Sunday, 3 February 2013

#5 Combat

Released: 1977 - Atari VCS(2600)               

Developer: Atari
Played: 3rd February 2013 - Atari 2600 Emulator & Rom

Combat is 27 games in one...let that sink in, 27 in one, now that's value! It shipped in 1977 with the original Atari Video Computer System, later renamed as the 2600, meaning that millions have experienced it's full colour battle prowess. Those 27 games are various combat states, split between the idea of piloting three vehicles; tanks, biplanes and jets.  Then within those three categories are various gameplay elements, a straightforward shooter, pong physics (the bullets would ricochet off the walls), invisibility and multiple vehicles at once. The maps in which you battle contain various mazes or an open warfare version.

The one problem, with which i found anyway is that as alot of games released at the time, there's no single-player option, player one sits at one end of the map and player two at the other, that's where the charm lies with alot of these early games, the fact that you are battling against another human opponent, if it was against the computer then I'm sure the attention wouldn't hold quite as long. speaking of which, that's also a big problem when you're playing through a list of games on your own, not to say that i didn't give it a go anyway. However the Atari website has come up trumps again as they have a remake of the game with the same mechanics but included Bot players for those of us with no friends.

Give it a go here:

*I don't tell you where to get ROMS from, just to make sure i'm covered on legal fronts.